From Start to Finish: <br />
Comprehensive Direct Mail Success

From Start to Finish:
Comprehensive Direct Mail Success

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At Red Crane Media, we’ve helped a wide variety of brands implement direct mail advertising for the first time.

Along the way, we kept hearing a similar story.

For many of our clients, their digital advertising had hit a roadblock—or they’d begun to sense that it would soon. Common culprits included oversaturation, imprecise targeting, and costs that rose as they scaled.

For others, digital advertising was the driver of their explosive growth for several years—and they were ready to expand even further via direct mail.

Most already knew that direct mail is a disruptive advertising solution that can profitably deliver new customers and revenue growth at scale, but they hadn’t taken the leap to start testing yet for mainly one reason. They needed to find the right strategic partner who could ensure that their investment in direct mail would pay off—without wasting their budget or leaving them to deal with the additional legwork and hassle of managing it themselves.

Taking the Next Step with Confidence

If digital advertising has long been your domain, incorporating direct mail can seem like a challenging and time-consuming process.

It requires its own supply chain—including creative development, data procurement, processing, printing, and specialized analysis—and even after that, you need to make sure that your mailings generate ROI with metrics like cost per acquisition (CPA) and return on ad spend (ROA).

At Red Crane Media, we have a solution. As a comprehensive and strategic direct mail partner, we can help you successfully test direct mail, for the first time, at any budget and without any strain to your internal team.

We’ll provide all necessary services, including strategic consulting, creative development, data procurement and processing, production management, campaign coordination, specialized response analysis, and scaling.

Plus, at Red Crane Media, we don’t charge any agency fees and with our leveraged relationships with vendors, you’ll likely save money compared to doing it internally.

Our one-of-a-kind solution offers an immediate path to profitable revenue growth that meets your KPI requirements—and a consistent, linear cost per acquisition (CPA), even after years of scaling.

To learn more about our unique strategy for new direct mail advertisers, download our exclusive white paper, Harnessing Direct Mail’s Disruptive Power.

This detailed guide will give you insight into our successful, time-tested approach, including:

  • How we develop a winning “control” direct mail creative
  • How we profitably drive revenue with your first test campaigns
  • How we locate and procure high-performing data sources
  • How we achieve large scale for all types of growth goals
  • How direct mail can be done successfully without any strain on your internal team.
Noah Markel

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