Direct Mail Advertising

Looking to reach new, targeted audiences via direct mail? Look no further. Whether you’re aiming to boost your brand awareness, entice new customers, or retarget existing contacts, our customized direct mail list rental solutions can help you secure real results. Red Crane Media works with you to curate highly qualified direct mailing lists from our exclusive niche-focused sellers, the market at large, and untapped off-market prospects.

How Our Direct Mail List Rental Works

You provide your target criteria: demographics, psychographics, and behavioral indicators. We’ll do the research to find qualified, responsive lists from reputable sellers and present our recommendations. Our team even sniffs out new direct mail opportunities, targeting potential off-market sellers that perfectly fit your criteria and securing exclusive deals.

Interested in retargeting existing customers or prospects? We’ll run your database against our own and identify contacts most likely to reengage. If you’d like to try the direct mail channel without committing too much, Red Crane Media can accommodate small orders quickly and cost-effectively. We’re also fully equipped to design, write, print, and fulfill your creatives.

With over a decade of proven results and a personalized, agile approach, we’ll walk you through every step of the way.