Growing & Enhancing Direct Mail Circulation at <br />
Scale with Exclusive Transactional Postal Data

Growing & Enhancing Direct Mail Circulation at
Scale with Exclusive Transactional Postal Data

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At Red Crane Media, we’ve spent over a decade working with direct mail advertisers, and they’re always trying to achieve one of two things. They’re either aiming to grow their direct mail circulation, or they’re looking to make their existing circulation more profitable.

These are straightforward goals, but they both require an often elusive tool: postal data that consistently converts at high levels, even after years of scaling.

As all direct mail veterans know, it is challenging to find new postal lists that work—and some of the lists out there are vastly misrepresented or downright fake.

But even when you find lists that initially convert at acceptable levels, the data may not maintain those results over the long term—and investing in data that unexpectedly drops can mean sustaining significant losses.

Fortunately, there’s good news, too. Red Crane Media has discovered an untapped industry that offers never-before-seen, high converting, and consistent postal data. This unique data has been very successful for several direct mail advertisers with offers in certain categories.

Of course, we can’t promise that this data will work for everyone—but if these niche audiences aligns with your offers, its lists can provide tremendous ROI at scale.

What makes Red Crane Media’s postal data unique?

It’s really quite simple: We’ve chanced upon an untapped industry of over 100 direct-to-consumer companies who have never rented their postal data before.

For some of our clients with the right types of offers, it’s been performing at more than 50% over their benchmark conversion rates!

The best part? These lists are proven, offer time-tested consistency, and are quickly and fully scalable, with no drop-off in conversion rates. We’re already working with 20 out of more than 100 companies in this industry, and we’re adding new ones all the time. This never-before-seen data is also 100% exclusive to Red Crane Media.

To learn more about this unique, niche industry—and whether or not its data could work for your brand’s campaigns and offers—download our exclusive white paper, A New Source of Direct Mail Data.

This detailed guide will give you insight into this industry’s untapped lists, including:

  • What the industry is and why its data is so unique
  • How this data maintains consistency at large scale
  • The offer categories that this data is proven to work for
  • Examples of mailers who are successfully using this data now
Noah Markel

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