Mailing Insert Advertising

Mailing Insert Advertising

In today’s advertising ecosystem, it can be hard to be heard. Your audiences are often already inundated by others offers—they’ve learned to ignore online ads, filter out marketing emails, and dive into their smartphones during commercials.

Red Crane Media provides a better solution. Attract targeted prospects through insert advertising. We’ll help you place your promotional inserts into mailings from brands that prospects already trust.

How Mailing Insert Advertising Works

Red Crane Media connects you with retailers and publishers shipping to diverse audiences across the country. Your advertising inserts can come in a range of forms, including:

  • Catalog blow-ins
  • Catalog bind-ins
  • Statement stuffers
  • Ride-alongs
  • Co-op mailings

We’ll help you find partners with access to your ideal audiences—our meticulous search involves profiling your target demographics, psychographics, and buying behavior.

Whether you’re aiming for new brides-to-be, incoming college students, or high-net-worth retirees, Red Crane Media doesn’t just consider our exclusive partners or scour the open market—we’ll proactively approach brands that suit your needs and facilitate agreements on your behalf.

In fact, we can facilitate the entire process as needed, from producing the creative insert to printing and shipping the inserts to your partners. Your advertisements will never face competition, thanks to our category exclusivity guarantee.

Want to try out mailing insert advertising with a small order? No problem. Eager to get a campaign out in a short timeframe? We’ve got it covered. Unlike many partner marketing brokers, Red Crane Media is equipped to print, fulfill, and facilitate small orders quickly and affordably.

See what you can achieve when you reach beyond the advertising status quo with Red Crane Media.

Noah Markel

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