Partner Marketing Monetization & Management

Every business looks for ways to increase revenue—but it’s always easier said than done. When everyone’s searching for the same well-worn opportunities, you’ll usually come up empty. And yet, sometimes you only need to break beyond the status quo to reap the rewards.

Red Crane Media offers companies with national audiences an easy, hassle-free way to generate new revenue streams. By disrupting the status quo of the advertising world, we foster prosperous partnerships and help your business grow.

Earn Extra Revenue with Partner Marketing

How does partner marketing work? It’s simple: advertisers pay you for limited access to your audience—access you already enjoy through normal business operations.

Whether you’re renting an email or mailing list, adding an insert into your packages, or selling online ad space, Red Crane Media helps you monetize your audience and manages the entire process

Why Red Crane Media?

We’re not your average advertising broker. The experts at Red Crane Media are patient, consultative, and hands-on: we’ll guide you, advise you, and manage all the details.

When you contact us, we’ll start by giving you a free estimate of how much money you can make through various channels. To do that, we’ll profile your audience and determine what brands would be most interested.

Once you’ve determined what channels best fit your needs, we’ll launch a proactive campaign to find and engage interested brands—scouring existing markets and reaching out to brands not currently searching for space. By finding partners that fit your audience, we maximize your revenue while protecting your brand.

Explore our monetization and management services below and contact us to learn more