Email List Management

Earn extra revenue from your email list by selling access to qualified, big-brand advertisers that you approve. At Red Crane Media, we make it easy to monetize your email database without compromising your reputation.

How Email Monetization Works

Advertisers, also known as media buyers, will pay you to send co-branded emails to your list on their behalf. The emails will feature your header and the buyer’s promotional creative; it’s one channel of an emerging practice called partner marketing.

Buyers never access your email list directly: you approve their advertisements and send them from your address. Red Crane Media can also send on your behalf from our own IP addresses to mitigate any risk of hurting your servers’ authority.

Why Red Crane Media?

When you partner with Red Crane Media, you get a consultative, quality-conscious email monetization solution. We’ll work closely to understand your audience profile, provide estimates on brands and revenue, and help you select advertisers that support your own brand and business goals.

Not only will you gain exposure to all prospective buyers in the market—Red Crane Media will also mount a dedicated campaign to promote your list to off-market buyers who may interested in your email audience.

At Red Crane Media, we pride ourselves on securing quality brands through premium pricing models. We help you sell your list on a CPM (cost-per-email), or, in some cases, a CPC (cost-per-click) basis. While others use CPA (cost-per-action) models that incentivize buyers to saturate your list and damage your reputation, CPM and CPC models ensure better brands, prices, and practices.

With over a decade of list monetization experience and a focus on seller representation, Red Crane Media is an email monetization partner you can trust.