Insert Program Management

Insert Program Management

If you sell and ship to customers across the country, Red Crane Media can empower you to earn extra revenue easily. Brands will pay you premium prices to insert ads into the packages you’re already sending. We’re here to help you find the right advertisers, negotiate strong deals, and handle all the logistics.

How Package Insert Programs Work

First, we’ll profile your audience to find brands eager for access to your exact customers—and provide a free estimate of expected revenue.

Then we’ll find what inserts you’re capable of including, from standard inserts, to catalog blow-ins, statement stuffers, and more. By identifying your weight thresholds, we ensure the inserts don’t impact your postage costs.

Once you’re on board, we’ll place your audience on the open market, instantly enabling existing advertisers to find you. But rather than passively waiting, Red Crane Media goes a step further, creating a custom campaign to solicit off-market brands with an interest in reaching your audience.

You approve the offers and inserts; Red Crane Media does all the rest. Your business won’t have to take on any risk or cash flow constraints: we handle the printing and shipping of inserts to your fulfillment facilities—you simply put them in your packages.

If you’re interested in maximizing your revenue, we’ll orchestrate a collated envelope of inserts from 8-12 brands—earning your company a substantial windfall. While organizing a dozen advertisers is no easy task, our experienced staff manages it seamlessly. We field the orders, present them for your approval, facilitate printing, and manage shipping. It’s all part of our commitment to superior client service.

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