Advertise With Miracle Health and Give Your Business a Boost

 Miracle Health is a diverse beauty and wellness retailer with an annual circulation that reaches over one million customers. Rather than focus solely on vitamins and supplements, Miracle Health has also expanded into a groundbreaking line of anti-aging skincare products. Advertising with Miracle Health gives you immediate access to a massive network of customers who recently purchased beauty, health, and wellness products as well as exclusive opportunities to promote your offer without any direct competition.

Miracle Health Customer Profile

 The Miracle Health network includes audiences for a wide range of range of products geared toward both men and women in three major industries:

  • Skincare
  • Protein supplements
  • Weight loss supplements

One of the distinct advantages of becoming an advertiser with Miracle Health is the guarantee of market exclusivity. We allow just one partner per industry, which means you’ll enjoy sole access to the market for your category and avoid any chance of oversaturation. Markets are divvied up on a first come first serve basis, so act quickly!

Put Your Ad on the Front Lines

 If you’re looking to gain visibility with the health and wellness audience, be sure to seize the opportunity to showcase your printed flyer or package insert with Miracle Health. This program enables you to deliver your flyer or insert directly to the homes of customers who matter the most. Flyers are often one of the first things people notice when they retrieve the mail or open a package, so this program is a great way to generate extra attention.

A Rental Has Never Looked This Good

 Unlike that tuxedo you borrowed for senior prom, these rentals never go out of style. Advertising with Miracle Health gives you select access to the postal and phone lists of millions of health and wellness customers. For a short amount of time, you can gain access to invaluable contact information and deliver your sales presentation or print media directly to the homes of potential buyers. Industry exclusivity ensures zero competition, as only one partner is permitted per category.

Get Consistent With Dedicated Email Campaigns

 You don’t have to be a creative dynamo to reap the benefits of email marketing, although a little imagination certainly never hurts. Third-party email endorsements are proven to lead to higher conversation as well as open rates, so put your creative team’s talents to good use by securing a dedicated email endorsement from Miracle Health. Not only does this action take the guesswork out of your next email advertising campaign, it also ensures your message will be received by customers who are most likely to act. As a bonus, you’ll get a thorough overview of open and click rates with every deployment, along with a wealth of contact information.

Give your advertising campaign a healthy boost with Miracle Health today!

Exclusivity Notice

As part of the Miracle Health program, each advertiser secures their market segment. This means the first business to occupy a specific category is the only advertiser in that category that we will accept. Don’t miss out!