Don’t Stand in the Way of Advertising Success

Are you ready to unleash your latest offer to growing markets of musicians and music teachers around the country? If so, you’ll want to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity to partner with The Music Stand. The Music Stand is an online hub and marketplace for all things music and instrument-related. Take your next campaign from uninspired to fortissimo and become a partner today.

The Music Stand Customer Profile

Buyers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and specialties to find exciting music products and the best offers at The Music Stand. Many play instruments, some are teachers, and all share an undying love for music. There are several specialty market categories within The Music Stand. Some of them are:

  • Apparel
  • Equipment
  • Gifts
  • Jewelry
  • Instructional books
  • Instruments
  • Sheet music stands
  • Wall art

This is just a glimpse of some of the unique marketing categories available. Buyers also visit The Music Stand to search for music by artist, composer, genre, and instrument. If you offer is along the same melody, you could reach upwards of 400,000 new buyers by advertising with The Music Stand.

 Hit a High Note With Targeted Catalog Inserts

 Sending printed media directly to interested buyers is a great way to get your next campaign off the ground and reach hundreds of thousands of musicians and music teachers around the country. When you become an advertising partner with The Music Stand, we’ll deliver your loose flyer or printed insert to customers inside of a relevant and engaging magazine. This is advantageous as these buyers are already interested in your industry, which makes them more likely to act.

 Command the Attention of Your Audience With Package Flyers

 You don’t have to be an advertising virtuoso to access new markets and gain visibility. Partnering with The Music Stand is all it takes! Our package flyers program gives you the ability to put your offer in front of buyers who are already excited about music. These are customers who have recently made a purchase with The Music Stand. As they open the package, they’ll find your flyer inside. This is one of the first things people notice when they open the mail, so you can be sure your offer makes an impression.

 Make Sweet Music That Outshines the Competition

 Are you worried about being upstaged by the competition? Don’t be. We guarantee exclusivity to keep markets responsive by avoiding saturation. Only one advertiser is permitted per industry category, and they are filled on a first come first serve basis. If your offer includes sheet music, as an example, you would be the only promoter for that category. Act fast to land your market segment and take your campaign to a rousing crescendo.

Make sweet, harmonious advertising music by partnering with The Music Stand today.

Exclusivity Notice

As part of the Music Stand program, each advertiser secures their market segment. This means the first business to occupy a specific category is the only advertiser in that category that we will accept. Don’t miss out!