Ace Your Next Advertising Campaign With Our Campus Market

Our Campus Market is one of the largest online retailers of clothing, décor, and other goods for college students and their families. It’s not just about selling university sweatshirts and diploma frames, however; Our Campus Market delivers customized gifts and apparel to students when parents and relatives are most likely to buy. This may include a handpicked gift basket during finals week, or a fresh set of linens when it’s time to move into the freshmen dormitories. With a thoughtful approach to gifting and a knack for great timing, Our Campus Market has already attracted a customer base of more than 3,000,000 families.

What Customers are Buying

This isn’t your old campus bookstore; Our Campus Market is a one-stop-shop for today’s college students and parents alike. Customers aren’t just buying Greek life regalia, tech supplies, or dorm décor, although these are certainly popular options. They also love care packages and other personal touches that can be delivered when they’re needed most, such as around birthdays, exams, and sick days when Mom can’t be there.

Get Visible With Package Inserts and Printed Media

Advertising with Our Campus Media sets your brand up for serious visibility, with just the turn of a key. Printed flyers or inserts are one of the very first things customers see when they open a package or pick up the mail. Choose from a variety of delivery options, including:

  • Catalogs
  • Direct mailers
  • Fulfillment packages
  • Statements

Advertising with package inserts via Our Campus Market is a great way to showcase promotional items and seasonal must-haves when it counts, such as freshman orientation or graduation.

Access Hidden Revenue With Customer List Rentals

Our Campus Market also gives you access to over one million customers via postal list and phone list rental options. For a limited amount of time, you can rent and gain access to Our Campus Market customers’ postal and phone lists to deliver your printed advertisements or sales presentations directly to the buyer. Renting a phone list is one of the best ways to drive revenue in the short-term as you wait for other programs to generate return.

Leverage Your Creativity With Dedicated Email Deployment

Don’t let all of your creative department’s hard work go to waste! Get noticed with Our Campus Market’s email deployment program. Your email creative will be sent to Our Campus Market customers along with an endorsement, which leads to better conversion rates and increased open rates. After each deployment, you will receive a comprehensive analysis of open and click rates as well as relevant contact information.

It’s Time to Hit the Books

Take the homework out of your next campaign and aim for an A+ with Our Campus Market savvy advertising services.

Exclusivity Notice

As part of the Our Campus Market program, each advertiser secures their market segment. This means the first business to occupy the “Women’s Health” category is the only advertiser in that category we will take on. Don’t miss out!


After securing your market category you will work with Red Crane Media to develop a custom creative or you if you already have a creative you can provide your own.

Step 2

You have your inserts printed and shipped to the OCM fulfillment center where they will be strategically inserted in the packages that are being sent to your target demographic.

Step 3

Packages with your advertising inserts are shipped and your advertising campaign goes live.