Rejuvenate Your Tired Ad Campaign With Refresh

Could your advertising strategy use some of the same anti-aging properties found in your line of skincare? We can’t turn back the clock, but our exclusive advertising partnership with Refresh can keep your campaign looking strong and profitable. Health and beauty buyers are some of the most active shoppers online and in-stores, and they turn to Refresh for everything related to skincare and health. If you’re looking for a proven way to boost sales and add significant traffic to your pipeline, your search ends with Refresh.


A Partnership Formula That Is Proven Effective

From miracle eye cream to energy-increasing supplements, Refresh carries it all. Customers come from a wide variety of backgrounds and interests, but all share a passion for effective skincare and dieting solutions. Some of the distinct, specialty categories within Refresh are:

  • Anti-aging eye creams
  • Anti-wrinkle facial creams
  • Exfoliators
  • Facial moisturizers
  • Facial serums
  • Garcinia Lean Xtreme supplements
  • Skin-brightening supplements

While these are some of the most popular offers at Refresh, they are far from the only things customers love. If you can provide health and beauty solutions for dieting and anti-aging, there’s a high likelihood Refresh buyers want to hear from you.


Get Discovered With Targeted Package Inserts

Don’t waste another minute of your creative department’s time. Get your flyers and printed media in front of interested customers by enrolling in our package insert advertising program. With this option, Refresh will put your printed insert inside packages heading to customers who recently made purchases. Not only will your offer be one of the first things buyers see, they’ll already be interested in products like the ones they just bought.


Unlock New Markets With Limited-Time List Rentals

Some marketing campaigns and projects can take months or even years to mature. While that’s great in the long run, it doesn’t do much to boost short-term numbers. Fortunately, you can change all of that by taking advantage of our list-rental program with Refresh. For a limited amount of time, you will have exclusive access to the phone numbers and home addresses of an estimated 125,000 buyers annually. This gives you the ability to call customers for invaluable one-on-one time or deliver offers in the mail.


Enhance Your Offer With Third-Party Endorsements

Are you looking for a modern approach to lead generation? Invest in the email endorsement program with Refresh. Refresh will send out your email creative along with their endorsement to their entire network of customers. We guarantee effectiveness by giving you a comprehensive analysis of open and click rates with each deployment.

Make your next beauty or health campaign look better than ever by partnering with Refresh today.

Exclusivity Notice

As part of the Refresh Health program, each advertiser secures their market segment. This means the first business to occupy a specific category is the only advertiser in that category that we will accept. Don’t miss out!