Leave the DIY to Your Audience and Craft Your Next Campaign With Rollier’s

When it comes to home improvement and hardware, customers can find all they are looking for and more at Rollier’s. Established in 1953, Rollier’s is a physical shop and online marketplace specializing in all things home related. From pruners for gardening to mowers for landscaping, this is one brand that does it all. With a growing buyer base of over 350,000 customers, contractors, and do-it-yourselfers, you can build your audience faster than a model home by becoming an advertising partner with Rollier’s.


Rollier’s Customers Love More Than Just Housewares

Rollier’s customers are homeowners, contractors, and general enthusiasts who are looking for the best and latest hardware and home improvement products. Some are professional technicians while others are simply looking for innovative solutions for their homes. If your offer is related to home improvement, you can build a vast network of buyers who are highly likely to take action by becoming an advertising partner with Rollier’s. You don’t have to be a broad hardware vendor to qualify. In fact, there are many sub-categories and specialty departments within Rollier’s, including:

  • Convenience
  • Electrical
  • Gardening
  • Hardware
  • Housewares
  • Lawn and landscaping
  • Paint
  • Pets
  • Plumbing

This is just a glimpse of some of the most popular specialties available at Rollier’s.


Reach New Audiences and Engage Interested Buyers With our Bag Drop Program

The opportunity to partner with Rollier’s lets you take advantage of our exclusive bag drop program. When you enroll in this advertising package, we’ll place your printed insert or flyer inside the bags of customers who are checking out at Rollier’s. This means they have already made their purchase and guarantees their interest in related products and services when they are likely to act. This method is one of the best ways to gain visibility and generate interest in a highly targeted audience.


Beat the Competition and Make Your Offer Pop With Guaranteed Exclusivity

Are you worried that your flyer may not shine against the competition? Don’t be! We guarantee exclusivity by allowing just one advertiser per category. If your offer involves plumbing, for example, you would be the only brand permitted to advertise for that department. This not only ensures that the market remains responsive, but also that you do not encounter any direct competition along the way. If you want your offer to shine in front of hundreds of thousands of potential buyers, you can’t afford to let this opportunity pass you by.

Think outside the outdated advertising toolbox and invest in an innovative partnership with Rollier’s.

Exclusivity Notice

As part of the Rollier’s Hardware program, each advertiser secures their market segment. This means the first business to occupy a specific category is the only advertiser in that category that we will accept. Don’t miss out!