Create a Winning Advertising Deal and Partner With Savings Store

When buyers are looking for an incredible discount or super low prices for everyday goods, they turn to Savings Store to deliver on both. Savings Store is a central online hub for all things bargain-related. They have helped some 100,000 buyers annually find the lowest prices on everything from groceries to DVDs, and your offer could be the next big thing.


The Savings Store Buyer Profile

There’s hardly anyone who doesn’t appreciate a great deal, and that’s why customers of all backgrounds love Savings Store. Whether they’re looking for coupons or nearby discounts, Savings Store helps them find exactly what they need. Many buyers also take advantage of Saving Store’s rebate program, which gives them an estimated savings of $500 per month on everyday purchases. Beyond acting as a resource for coupons and discounts, Savings Store also features an online shop carrying bargain:

  • Apparel
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Electronics
  • Games
  • Home and garden products
  • Jewelry
  • Music

Does your offer appeal to customers looking for the best deals? If so, an advertising partnership with Savings Store might be just the kick your campaign needs to succeed.


Pique the Interest of the Customer With Statement Stuffers

One of the best times to reach buyers with your offer is when their minds are on money, especially if you can help them avoid spending more. Reach your ideal base of customers at exactly the right moment with targeted statement stuffers. Our program puts your printed insert inside statements heading to Savings Store buyers. Your offer will be one of the first things they notice, and the balance will prompt them to think of ways to save.


Save Time and Expand Your Audience With Contact List Rentals

It’s not unusual for big marketing projects to take a long time to reach maturity. You can combat this effect in the short-term by taking advantage of our exclusive list rental program. We’ll give you restricted access to Savings Store’s audience of more than 100,000 customers via phone number and address. You can call them directly with your sales presentation or send them individualized mailers.


Beat the Competition With Guaranteed Exclusivity

When you become an advertiser with Savings Store, competition becomes obsolete. We guarantee you never meet any direct competition with our promise of exclusivity, as only one advertiser is permitted to promote offers per industry category. If you were the first to sign up for discount books, for example, you would become the sole advertiser for that specialty.

Save your creative department’s time and money by partnering with Savings Store today.

Exclusivity Notice

As part of the Savings Store program, each advertiser secures their market segment. This means the first business to occupy a specific category is the only advertiser in that category that we will accept. Don’t miss out!