About Us

Red Crane Media helps marketers advertise through package inserts, direct mail, and dedicated email. We focus on immediately meeting client’s KPIs and then reducing costs as we scale.

For package insert marketers: we recommend the best aligned partners from our network of 185 brands. Those partners then distribute the marketer’s inserts inside their product fulfillment packages.

For direct mail marketers: we locate high-performing mailing lists to profitably increase their circulation. We also offer a turn-key solution, for those new to direct mail, that helps them realize their revenue goals on the very first test.

For dedicated email marketers: we recommend the publishers, from our exclusive network, that have the strongest open rates and most aligned audiences. Those publishers then deploy the marketer’s email creative as a sponsored and trusted message. 

Looking to create a new revenue channel? Become one of our brand partners. We offer turn-key solutions for starting a package insert program, becoming a dedicated email publisher, or offering mailing list rentals.  

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Noah Markel