About Red Crane Media

Our mission is to help advertisers find the most successful package insert, dedicated email, and direct mail lists possible. We accomplish this by having the largest network of providers to choose from. We believe having more choices leads to better audience alignment and greater opportunities to scale.

With 18 years of experience, we’ve developed some of the best processes and quality control protocols, ensuring smooth order execution for all our clients.

We have 207 package insert programs.
These retail brands distribute advertiser’s printed inserts inside their order fulfillment packages.

We have 114 dedicated email programs.
These publishers deploy advertiser’s email creatives as a sponsored and trusted message.

We have 290 direct mail lists.
These list owners share their customer data with advertisers for direct mail use.

If you are a retailer, publisher, or list owner looking to grow media revenue, consider joining our seller network and gain access to our advertiser base.