Start a Package Insert Program

Create new revenue by placing third-party inserts in your outgoing order fulfillment packages. 

Red Crane Media has advertisers that are ready to work with you. We handle sales, billing, and insert production. Leaving you to simply receive the inserts and place them in your order shipments. Submit our program questionnaire and receive live offers from our advertisers. 

Why package inserts should be a source of revenue for your business

High Margin: Package insert revenue is incredibly high margin. You already have the logistical infrastructure in place for pick-and-pack shipping or you outsource to a professional 3PL. Clients find that inserts seamlessly integrate into their processes, creating mostly pure profit.

Added Value: When we carefully curate the right third-party advertisers, it enhances the brand experience. Customers appreciate receiving offers such as $10 off a food delivery or a free month of streaming service.

Recurring Revenue: Once advertisers see successful results, they will continue to order every month, year after year. We will build a predictable and consistent source of new revenue.


Getting ready to accept package insert orders

Setting your program requirements and limits

The first decision to make is how many inserts you want to include in each package simultaneously. The average is 3 to 5 at a time. Next, we determine the maximum size and weight that can fit into all of your shipments, without causing any postage increases. This average is 5.5” x 8.5” and 0.25 ounces per insert. Finally, we set the deadline for the material to arrive. This is typically 2-4 weeks prior to the distribution month.

Preparing for insert receipt

Inserts will arrive on pallets consisting of multiple boxes. Each box will contain a set number of inserts. For example, a batch of 100,000 inserts may have 20 boxes of 5,000. Each box will have a label that can be customized with any specific information you require. We recommend having a SKU printed on each label that you have provided. This way we leverage your existing inventory management system for tracking and updates.

Preparing for insert distribution

Insert distribution is organized by calendar month and our goal is to fill up each month with the maximum number of inserts you want per package. For example, if you’re planning to ship 100,000 packages in February and you want a maximum of three inserts per package, then 300,000 inserts will arrive in January (100,000 from three different advertisers.) These inserts will be set out on the fulfillment lines for package inclusion. Each order shipment will get three inserts placed inside, one from each different advertiser. This will continue until all 300,000 inserts are fully depleted, even if they run late into the following month. New inserts will arrive while you are still distributing the existing inserts. Always make sure to finish the prior inserts before starting any new ones. Some offers are time sensitive, so it is important to always distribute them in order.

Choosing the advertisers to work with

We have a robust network of advertisers to choose from. Once you fill out our program questionnaire, we will present you with actual live offers from our advertisers. You can then select the best ones based on revenue and relevancy. We have inserts ready to ship to your distribution center immediately.

Growing the program long term

Once we have enough advertisers utilizing your program, we can transition to a nester envelope. This is a single envelope that contains all of the advertiser inserts inside. Your team can place this into each order shipment instead of the individual loose inserts. Red Crane Media will produce and collate this envelope for you, simplifying the receipt and distribution process.

Noah Markel

Submit our package insert program questionnaire and

receive live offers from our advertisers.