Package Insert Advertising

Acquire new customers by having your printed inserts placed in the order fulfillment shipments of other direct-to-consumer brands.

Red Crane Media has 207 brands that offer insert placement in their order shipments. This is the largest network available, making it easy to find that perfectly aligned audience to test.

Examples of Package Insert Providers

Why package insert media should be a part of your marketing plan

Targeting: The brilliant thing about package inserts is that they can be incredibly tailored to your target audience. For example, if you’re selling high-end outdoor wear, we’ll get your inserts in premium camping gear packages.

Low Cost: Insertion fees are 10% the cost of postage, making package inserts an excellent low cost alternative to direct mail. You also have the flexibility to distribute in a wide range of formats: flyers, gift cards, hang tags, catalogs, samples, and more.

Reduced Risk: We can accommodate small starter orders, allowing you to see the channel’s ROI before you commit more. Our testing philosophy is to do minimal quantities per program, while still maintaining statistical significance. We would rather test more programs than do higher quantities. This way we can scale more quickly.

Exclusivity: Red Crane Media offers category exclusivity. We ensure that no competitor inserts will be included alongside yours. We negotiate private deals on your behalf, securing new partners that your competitors can’t access.

Scale: All of our package insert programs combined distribute 524 million parcels annually. This number increases by 5%-10% per year as we bring new brands into our network. We can even extend that reach with blow-in, polybag, shared mail, and statement inserts when needed.

Our Client Testimonials

"Red Crane Media works day in and day out to make sure all of our package insert campaigns run smoothly. I can reach them anytime with questions, follow-up ideas, or business development concepts and they are willing to explore any and all ways to drive growth for my company."

Jake Kinsman
Head of Business Development

When we first engaged Red Crane, we had some under-performing lists that we wanted to replace. When they suggested we test their niche lists, I was cautiously optimistic. A few months later, the results were excellent, and continue to outperform our benchmark conversion rates, even as we’ve scaled. I highly recommend them, the results speak for themselves.

Terry Hockens
Director of Acquisition

As a brand that markets primarily through direct mail, we are always looking for new lists to grow our circulation with. Red Crane’s data has consistently worked for us at scale. In fact, one of their lists is our top-performer company wide. I never hesitate to try any new lists they recommend.

Jordan Sessler

Red Crane Media has been absolutely exceptional to work with in monetizing our package insert space. They have exceeding our expectations. We have been able to add significant revenue to our existing business with very limited uptick in effort or resources on our side. Utilizing this partnership has been a big deal for us, particularly in the face of rising costs across the board. Can't emphasize how helpful this partnership has been for me in my role.

Garrett Imeson
Chief Marketing Officer

We used Red Crane Media for our first direct mail test. From data selection to printing, their process has been completely seamless. They're always willing to work closely with us, even helping us segment their customer lists to suit our needs and goals. Our very first mailing with them was profitable and they have continued to help us perfect our targeting and creative ever since. They get my highest recommendation.

Amanda Viscelli
Head of Acquisition

Working with Red Crane has been absolutely amazing. They are aware of our KPIs and fight for the best rates for us every time. I know that every list they present to us is top tier and very much appreciate how much time they put in finding quality leads. Red Crane has helped increase our brands monthly and yearly spend and revenue goals. I would recommend working with them in a heartbeat!

Sharona Tahvilian
Business Development Specialist

Red Crane Media has been a great partner for us. Beyond using the money to underwrite the cost of packing and shipping, the deals from marketing partners are a welcomed incentive for our customers. They constantly bring us new opportunities and are a great partner for us.

Joshua Willard
Chief Executive Officer

Getting started with package inserts

How to design a package insert

All package insert programs have a maximum size they can accommodate, which is usually 5.5 x 8.5 inches. Designing at this size gives you the most insert surface area without excluding you from potential programs. If you need something larger, we recommend a design that will print and fold down to a finished size of 5.5 x 8.5. For example, you could design a 16 x 25 flat that folds to a finished size of 5.5 x 8.5. To simplify the design process, you can request our specification guide and complementary templates.

How to choose an attribution method

The best practice method is variable promo codes, also known as kill codes. Each insert gets its own unique promo code that can only be used once. For example, if you are printing 100,000 inserts then you would use codes ranging from RCM000001 to RCM100000. Printers refer to this as variable printing. This gives you the flexibility to test different insert programs, at varying quantities, while still measuring results independently. Kill codes also protect you from non-attributable use by browser extensions like Honey.

The next best option is static promo codes. For example, this could be “RCM001” and “RCM002.” Printers refer to this as versions. If you are printing 100,000 inserts and you want to test two programs, you would order two versions of 50,000. The first batch of 50,000 inserts would have the RCM001 promo code on them and the second batch would have the RCM002.

How to select the best package insert programs to test

The sole-method of targeting, with package inserts, is selecting a program that naturally has your ideal customers already. It is best to look for alignment in interests, needs, or life stage. This is why having a large network of programs, to choose from, is so important. Request our full list of 207 package insert programs and schedule your free consultation today. We can help you determine the strongest options with the highest potential ROI.

How to execute your first package insert campaign

The first step is to obtain approval from the brands you want to work with. We send them your finished insert design and approval usually takes a few days.

After approval, we check availability of your desired distribution timing. Insert programs run on a calendar month basis and materials need to arrive 2-4 weeks prior to starting. Programs also book space in advance, so it’s best to target start dates that are two to three months away.

Next, we work on pricing with each brand, which typically ranges from $50-$100 per thousand inserts distributed. We negotiate the lowest price possible for the test and then aim to reduce pricing further as we scale.

Once everything is approved, it’s time to print and ship the inserts to the programs you’ve selected. Each program will have unique labeling and delivery instructions. Make sure your printer can accommodate these types of special requests. Also, ensure they have variable or version printing, depending on your attribution method of choice. Red Crane Media offers a turn-key solution that includes printing, labeling, and shipping for clients looking to simplify and save time. Contact us for a free estimate.

How to measure results and scale

All of your test orders will have specific start dates and estimated completed dates. It takes about 30 days from completion to receive all of your conversions. Sometimes programs can run late, so make sure to confirm successful completion before measuring results.

Once you identify programs that have exceeded your KPI’s, we recommend immediately reserving future space. Most programs limit the number of simultaneous inserts they accept in their packages, so they sometimes become sold out. Future insertion orders can be canceled, if needed, so it makes sense to preemptively secure space.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our package insert media experts today.