Package Insert Advertising

Package Insert Advertising

With traditional marketing channels seemingly oversaturated, it can feel impossible to find space for your brand to stand out. That’s where package insert advertising comes in.

Red Crane Media helps you partner with brands who sell space within their own product packaging. When customers open their packages, they’ll find your marketing insert—just like that, you’ve captured their attention in an uncrowded channel (with nearly a 100% open rate).

How Package Insert Advertising Works

The brilliant thing about package inserts is that they can be incredibly tailored to your target audience. For example, if you’re selling high-end outdoor wear, we’ll get your inserts in premium camping gear packages.

Whether you’d like to insert advertisements, coupons, or even small product samples, Red Crane Media will go the extra mile to find the right customers that match your demographic, psychographic, and behavioral criteria.

In addition to our exclusive sellers and those available on the open market, we’ll pursue brands that match your goals but don’t yet offer package space. We’ll promote your company and negotiate a deal on your behalf, securing a new partner that competitors won’t access.

Red Crane Media also offers category exclusivity—we ensure that no competitor inserts will be included alongside yours. And unlike our competitors, we can print and fulfill your package insert needs within extremely expedited timeframes.

New to package insert advertising? Red Crane Media will walk you through the process, consult with you along the way, and accommodate small starter orders, allowing you to see the channel’s remarkable ROI before you commit more. Shake up the status quo, stand out from the crowd, and achieve impressive reach with targeted package inserts.

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