Dedicated email marketing is a great way to capture people attention.

Dedicated Email Advertising

Have your marketing email deployed by established and trusted publishers to their engaged subscriber base.

Red Crane Media has 114 publishers that offer dedicated email advertising. Schedule a free consultation today and request our full list of publishers to choose from.

Why dedicated email should be a part of your marketing plan

Targeting: We select publishers with audiences that perfectly align to your desired target customers.

Endorsement: The email is fully dedicated to your content except for the publisher’s header, which introduces your offer as a sponsored and trusted message.

Engagement: The email is sent from the publisher’s address that the subscriber is familiar with. This combined with your chosen subject line and creative leads to strong open and click-through rates.

Fast Results: The time from placing a test order to having a full panel of results is only a few days, compared to weeks or months with other channels.


Getting started with dedicated email

How to design a dedicated email creative

Design your email in HTML using a combination of text and images. Some email service providers don’t automatically render images, so an image-only creative could initially show up as a blank email.

Ask the publisher to host your images on their deployment server. You can send them the raw image files and then leave the image source links blank in the HTML. This will support better deliverability.

Doing A/B split testing on subject lines can lead to better open rates. Most publishers can set up a 10/10/80 test. The A and B versions of the subject line are sent to two separate 10% portions of the list. The winning subject line is then sent to the remaining 80%.

How to track results

Add tracking parameters to your URL in the HTML creative. Use a distinct parameter for the publisher and different parameters for each of their lists, if they have multiple ones. You can also use separate parameters for your various offers. Google has a great URL builder tool that makes coding the parameters into the URL string a breeze.

How to pick the right publishers to test

Select a publisher that has a subscriber base that matches your ideal customer targets. Red Crane Media has 114 publishers to choose from. Request our full list and schedule your free consultation. We can help you select the best ones.

What to expect on your first order

First, we work on approval and pricing with each publisher. We send them your HTML creative and approval usually takes a couple days. We negotiate the lowest rates possible. All our dedicated email publishers charge a CPM, which usually ranges from $10/M – $20/M (per thousand emails deployed.)

After approval, we select our desired deployment date from what is available. We can also ask the publisher what days of the week support the strongest open rates.

A few days after the email has been sent, we receive a performance report detailing the total delivered, opened, and clicked.

How to scale after successful testing

Once we have successful test results, we will negotiate lower rates by purchasing multiple deployment packages. We will enable opt-out clauses, when we can, ensuring we secure the best future deployment dates while giving us an option to change or cancel them if performance doesn’t hold up. We also get commitments from publishers, in advance, to provide make-good deployments if specific KPI metrics are not met. This mitigates risk and creates a safe and sustainable way to scale.

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