Dedicated Email Advertising

Dedicated Email Advertising

Reaching new audiences via email can be challenging. You want to contact qualified customers—but you also want to seem qualified yourself. Out-of-the-blue emails will often land in the spam folder—and if you’re not careful, you could accidentally violate CAN-SPAM laws.

That’s where we come in. Red Crane Media helps you access targeted email lists while protecting your brand and boosting engagement.

How dedicated email programs work:

Instead of sending cold emails, your message will be introduced and delivered by trusted merchants who already enjoy established relationships with their audience. These co-branded emails achieve higher open rates and greater engagement—and except for the list owner’s header, the email is totally dedicated to your content.

Red Crane Media works to understand your goals and target audience based on demographics, psychographics, location, and spending behavior.

After scouring our exclusive sellers and the open market for email lists that suit your needs, we’ll go the extra distance: Red Crane Media launches a campaign to search out off-market brands with audience bases that match your criteria. We get approval to promote your offer and secure you new deals.

Sold via CPM (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click), our email partners are premium and well credentialed. Whether you need to narrowcast to a niche audience—like brides-to-be or incoming college freshmen—or broadcast your message to nationwide prospects, Red Crane Media can put your email campaign in place. And if you need help developing your email creative, we offer design and copywriting services, as well. It’s all part of our comprehensive, consultative email brokerage service.

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